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(FIC) SPN_When You Wake (3/3)  
Title: When You Wake
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers: Up to the end of Season Five
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, and I don’t make any money writing about them. They remain copyright to their creators.
Summary: It’d been four months since Sam remember waking up in the cemetery where he had willingly jumped into the pit taking Michael and Lucifer with him…and even longer since he’d seen his light.

Chapter Three: Getting to Know Each Other...Again

The Trickster’s hands pushed Sam back onto the bed, climbing along the Hunter’s body Gabriel ran his fingers over the finely tuned muscles trailing behind with his mouth kissing and licking. Sam did his best to look but his shirt blocked his view, only allowing him to see the top of the angel’s brown hair, he gave up dropping his head back down huffing in annoys. He felt Gabriel smile against his chest causing another shiver to run through him. His body shook with little tremors, he always thought that Gabriel was hotter than a normal human, at one time he even thought that it was the angel’s Grace coming through.

Sam tried sitting up on his elbows but was forced back down, “Gabriel, we’re getting the bed wet.”

“Isn’t that the point?” Gabriel grinned but gave in letting Sam up to remove the shirt, it joining the jacket on the floor. Sam didn’t get much time before he was again on his back, his arms held up over his head together by Gabriel’s left hand. His right one cupped Sam’s chin as they join for another kiss. Starting out a light one it grow deeper as Sam ran his tongue over Gabriel’s lip seeking permission to enter which the Archangel gave. The kiss lasted a while each one trying to deepen it to get closer to the other. Gabriel’s right hand moved up into the Hunter’s hair pulling him closer, only breaking away for a few seconds for air before coming back together.

Gabriel finally broke away receiving what sounded like a small whimper from the Hunter as he moved downwards peppering Sam with light kisses along his jaw line and throat, over his collarbone, and down to his chest. He stopped over Sam’s right nipple, sucking on the small pink bud and rolling his tongue over it while his free hand took care of the other one.

Sam wiggled under the Trickster, both arms and legs being pinned down. He arched his back pulling on his arm, almost bending them backward, moaning his lover’s name. He cried in shock as Gabriel gave a small bite before moving back up to give Sam another kiss on the lips.

The Hunter’s arms were freed when both of Gabriel’s hand disappeared between them making fast work of the button and zipper, and soon Sam’s jeans and underwear were joining his jacket and shirt.

“This seems a little unfair to me,” Sam stated as Gabriel pulled back seating on his knees stills fully clothed.

Gabriel smiled mischievously before taking his own jacket off and threw it behind it him, “There, better?”

“Not real…” Sam’s voice caught as Gabriel wrapped a hand about his very obviously
arousal and didn’t waste any time before he started stroking Sam’s length. “Gab…riel,” he got out between breaths, his hips starting to thrust into the Trickster’s hand.

Shivers rocked through his body as pressure built up in his lower regions. His hair stuck to his forehead and neck from the mix of rain water and sweat that was now covering his body. He threw his head back onto the bed closing his eyes, arching his back, his sides beginning to hurt trying to keep up with the angel’s hand, his own hands grabbing fists full of the bed sheet his knuckles turning as white as the spots he were seeing.

He gasped in surprise as he felt something wet and warm join the hand that was wrapped around his member. He didn’t want to open his eyes fearing that he might lose it if he saw that it was what he thought it was. Then he felt it, teeth scraping lightly along his length and his eyes shot open on their own and there, now seating between his legs was Gabriel. His right hand pumping the base of Sam’s shaft while his mouth took the rest of him in, Sam hadn’t even noticed the angel moving off of his lap but he couldn’t miss the tongue moving around his erection. His left hand reached down grabbing Gabriel’s hair, the other one held firmly to the blanket, his eyes shut once again as his hips bucked trying to get more of the Trickster.

“Gab…” The rest of the name was lost in a moan as Gabriel started humming and Sam’s world went white with ecstasy, his body shook as if an earthquake had hit the room as all the pressure and heat was released, tugging on the angel’s hair as he rode out his orgasm.

Coming down from the high, Sam’s hands slowly let go of their hold of fabric and hair, his eyes returning to focus in time to see Gabriel linking something away from around his mouth. Sam didn’t need to be told what it most likely was and just the thought was enough to make him start to go hard again. The Archangel moved back up along the Hunter’s body, placing butterflies kisses along the way. Sam was lost in the feel, almost forgetting that Gabriel was there until the angel moved his hips brushing against Sam’s still sensitive groin. The Hunter opened his eyes to find Gabriel leaning over him, a hand on both sides of his head and a very longing look his golden eyes.

The young Winchester smiled wrapping his arms about the Trickster’s neck pulling him close for a kiss. Keeping their lips together, Sam’s hand moved to Gabriel’s front undoing the buttons on the shirt. He finally broke the kiss huffing in frustration as one of the buttons starting giving him trouble. Gabriel chuckled, “You’re a little rusty Sammy boy,” he said pushing Sam’s hands away. He pulled the shirt up over his head and threw it behind him to the growing pile of clothes, “Don’t need you ripping my shirt.”

“Not like you just can’t make another one.”

“True, but I like…” Gabriel gasped, his back arching, “Sam…”

Sam only smiled at the reaction he got from the Archangel as his hands passed between Gabriel’s shoulder blades, “Who were you calling rusty?”

He had discovered this spot the first night that they had spent together, he had almost laughed at the time, learning that where most people believe and picture angels’ wings to be connected to the human body was a very sensitive area for the Archangel, although when he asked if he could see them Gabriel had said no in fear of blinding him with his Grace. He had often wondered if it was like that for other angels or just Gabriel and he wasn’t even going to ask Dean about Castiel.

As Gabriel’s eyes started grazing over Sam felt something like a shock of electricity wash through him starting from where Gabriel’s left hand held tightly to his shoulder causing his blood to run southward.

Sam pushed a little harder with his hands causing Gabriel to cry out but it was muffled by the Hunter’s lips covering his mouth, turning it into a moan. Gabriel wiggled around causing their hips to bump together it was then that Sam remember the angel was still wearing his jeans. Not breaking his hold or the kiss he pushed off the bed turning them over so that he was now on top. “SAM!” Gabriel really did cry out this time throwing his head back as Sam’s hands pushed harder into his back from being pinned between the bed and their weight.

Sam wasn’t sure if the cry was in pleasure or pain but he quickly started showering the Trickster’s jaw line and neck, trying to get Gabriel to relax. He moved his hand s to the front running his fingers over the well tone chest that one weren’t noticed under the clothes that the Archangel wore. Keeping his hands working over Gabriel’s chest, Sam’s mouth moved downward. Once he got to the bellybutton he stopped running his tongue around and into the small hole before pulling back off the bed standing in front of the angel.

Sam quickly undid the angel’s belt and soon the pile behind them grew by another pair of jeans, some shoes and socks, and underpants. He stop studying his lover’s body laying out before him, every curve, every muscle line, every inch was as he remember and for a moment he was sure this was all just a dream soon to end when he woke up.

“Sam?” Gabriel’s voice reached Sam’s ears bringing him back from his thoughts. “I’m not going anywhere,” he whispered as if he knew what was running around in the Hunter’s head.

Sam reached down grabbing each of the Trickster’s ankles pulling his legs apart and moving to stand between them. Gabriel sat up wrapping his arms around Sam’s neck pulling him close for a kiss. Sam’s right hand ran through Gabriel’s brown locks, while his left moved down along the inside of the angel’s thighs and downward between them. Gabriel moaned into the kiss arching his back as Sam slid a finger into him, after waiting a second or two Sam moved the digit out and then slowly back in. When the Archangel started moving his hip in reply, Sam added another finger and soon started scissoring them, getting the angel ready.

Gabriel’s hands ran down Sam’s back, all the way down cupping the Hunter’s bottom, he broke the kiss tilting his head back and gasping for air as Sam added a third finger. “Please…Sam,” he begged squeezing Sam’s buttocks, his eyes going dark with lust.

Sam smiled he was loving the sound coming from the angel’s mouth, after spitting into his free hand wishing that he had some kind of lube or anything better to work with, he rubbed it over himself. Removing his fingers from the angel he moved placing himself right before Gabriel’s entrance, watching the angel’s eyes for any second thoughts. Gabriel however couldn’t wait, dropping back onto his elbows he wrapped his legs about Sam’s waist pulling him closer while pushing forwards with his hips right onto Sam.

Sam was caught by surprise gripping hold of the angel’s shoulder to stay standing as Gabriel threw his head back, eyes closing and a groan leaving his lips. Sam waited a second before Gabriel’s legs loosen their hold on him and he could moved but even then he didn’t moved until the angel’s hips started moving, urging the Hunter on. Sam slowly pulled out almost to the tip before slowly sliding back in. The Trickster’s hips started thrusting trying to get him to move faster, Sam smirk as a whimper left Gabriel as he took a firm hold of those hips pinning the angel to the bed and stilling him. It’d been so long since their last night together and he wanted this to last, knowing that wouldn’t happen with Gabriel moving around.

He continuer with a few more slow thrusts before speeding up, causing Gabriel to try and wiggle around, making it clear that he wasn’t going fast enough for the angel, Sam smiled at what sounded like a mix between a moan and a sigh of frustration.

Gabriel sat up hooking his fingers in Sam’s hair groaning as the angle that Sam was entering him changed, his legs tighten the hold around the Hunter’s waist pulling him closer, trying to get more of the human inside of him. Moving his hands to Sam’s shoulders “Sam…please,” Gabriel whispered hiding his face in the cook of Sam’s neck.

Sam groan at the pleasure he was feeling, another wave of electricity shot through him coming again from Gabriel’s left hand and if he wasn’t in the middle of the best night he’s had in a long time he would have try to figure out why but the feel of Gabriel’s arousal now stuck between them made his mind go blank. He finally removed his hold on the angel’s hips and was greeted with returning thrusts, the two of them quickly founding a rhythm.

One hand moved behind the angel’s back finding the spot between his shoulder blades rubbing small circles over it while the other moved between them finding Gabriel’s length, already covered with pre-cum. Sam started pumping, his own thrust getting faster, he added pressure to the circle on the angel’s back and soon the electricity started heating up almost to the point of pain but Sam kept going. The heat and pressure inside of him was soon matching that of the heat on his shoulder and the pressure on Gabriel’s back. He was at the edge of a cliff but he did his best to hold on not wanting this to end.

“Sam…you…better…” Gabriel didn’t finish the warning but only threw his right hand over Sam’s eyes as he came, crying Sam’s name.

A faded light flashed through the space between the angel’s fingers and Sam could only guess that Gabriel’s Grace had slipped out for a second. The thought that he had caused the Archangel to lose control like that was the last push and he was soon falling off of the cliff, releasing all of the heat and pressure with one last thrust he came calling out Gabriel’s name.

Gabriel fell backward onto the bed taking Sam with him, the Hunter’s legs unable to hold him anymore. With both of them spent and trying to caught their breaths, Sam slowly pulled out of Gabriel moving to the side, his arm wrapped over the angel’s chest. Gabriel wrapped his arms around Sam pulling both of them all the way onto the bed to the pillows and somehow to Sam’s surprise under the blanket.

“Still think…I’m a dream?” Gabriel asked between breaths sitting up against the headboard.
Sam just looked up unable to speak, he was sorry to say that he did still think it was all a dream that he was going to wake from any second, or a really bad nightmare and he was waiting for something bad to happen to the angel he held in his arms. His fears must had been written all over his face, Gabriel just smiled and pointed to Sam’s right shoulder, “I bet that hand print prove differently.” Sam look to his shoulder finding a handprint much like the one on his brother’s left shoulder only a little brighter, “It’s different depending on how strong the angel’s Grace is.”

It only took a second for Sam to remember the electricity coming from the Archangel’s hand during their love making and it was now clear on what the angel had been doing. Sam began to wonder if it was always there and Gabriel kept it hidden until or if the angel just made it but as soon as the thoughts started coming to him, they started to fade along with every other thought, as if a fog started to moved in over the ports of his mind. The adrenaline from before was fading away, his body starting to shut down, and his eyes would trying to close. He force them open fearing to go to sleep, he was happy again and like everything else in his life that ever made him happy he was sure that this was going to end the moment he close his eyes.

Gabriel’s hand wrapped around him slowly drawing circle over the handprint pulling Sam close to him, a blissful smile crossing his lips and like always as if he had just read Sam’s mind he whispered, “Go to sleep Sammy, I promise I’ll be here when you wake.”

Sam couldn’t fight it, the angel’s voice was calming and the moving hand on his shoulder was not helping, so taking Gabriel’s word he turned into the fold of the Archangel’s arm so he was lying on top of Gabriel’s chest. He gave into the sleep calling him in the form of the warmth of the angel, the sound of the song that Gabriel had started humming, and the beating of the angel’s heart.

The End

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