20 September 2011 @ 11:26 am
(FIC) SPN_When You Wake (2/3)  
Title: When You Wake
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers: Up to the end of Season Five
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, and I don’t make any money writing about them. They remain copyright to their creators.
Summary: It’d been four months since Sam remember waking up in the cemetery where he had willingly jumped into the pit taking Michael and Lucifer with him…and even longer since he’d seen his light.

Chapter Two: How Can This Be?

Sam froze, his body going stiff fearing that the warmth around him were disappear if he even breathed. He slowly opened his eyes feeling one of the arm moved away, it reached up taking the panel from his hand and closed the window. His heart stopped seeing the olive green fabric of the jacket that he had once been wrapped up in after getting stuck in another storm much like this one. The arm moved back, only coming to rest on his chest instead of rejoining the other. Sam lifted his left hand to the one on his chest, stopping just over it afraid that his would go right through it.

The hand moved weaving their fingers together, “I’m really here Sammy.”

Sam slowly turned in the warm arms and his eyes fell on the Archangel that he knew all too well. Everything was the same as he remember, the sandy brown hair pushed back behind the ears with a slight curl at the bottom, the golden honey eyes with a hint of green shining through, and the lips that he had kissed so many times before.


“The one and only,” the shorter man answered with the smirk that Sam had always seen when the angel was playing the role of the Trickster, the smirk that always told Sam that he was up to something.

“But how…” Sam’s voice caught in his throat as Gabriel pulled him down locking their lips together. He didn’t know what to do, part of him wanted this, to be held by the archangel once again, be surrounded by the warmth of Gabriel’s grace. The other part wanted to know how he was back, not really wanting to Sam placed his hands on Gabriel’s shoulders and pushed away from him breaking the kiss. “Gabriel…how? You were die I saw your body…the wings…Lucifer killed you.”

Gabriel just smiled, “Yeah and Castiel died how many times? I honestly don’t know, my best guess is that pa is somewhere out there watching over us, since he’s probably the only person that could bring an Archangel back and no it wasn’t one of my tricks, I really was dead.” He added the last part before Sam could ask the question. He leaned forward going for another kiss but Sam pulled away again.

“How long?”


“How long have you been back?” Sam asked hoping he didn’t sound too angry.

Gabriel lowered his eyes, “Four months, I came back the day after you jumped into the pit, it was all over the Heavenly radio.”

Sam couldn’t believe it, four months, Gabriel had been alive for the whole four months as Sam but he never came to him. Now he really didn’t know what to do; kiss Gabriel for being here or punch the angel for not coming sooner and letting the Hunter know that he was alive.

“Why didn’t you come for me?”

“What make you so sure that I didn’t?”

It was only a second before Sam’s eyes widen realizing what Gabriel meant. “You pulled me out of Hell?”

“Well I couldn’t just leave you down there.” Gabriel took a step forward wrapping his arms back around the Hunter, resting his head on Sam’s chest.

Sam rested his chin on top of Gabriel’s head letting everything work it way through his mind. He was trying to process everything; Gabriel was alive and it had been him that brought him back from the cage. His mouth kept opening and closing trying to think of what to say and he was sure he must look like a fish. Sam felt Gabriel starting to tremble and for a moment he thought the Trickster was crying but soon realized he the laugher, Sam pulled back to arms length looking at Gabriel in confusing.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to laugh but that’s part of the reason why I stayed away for awhile,” he stated walking backwards taking Sam with him. “I knew it was going to be a lot to take in all at once; me being alive, being you back from Hell. I wasn’t sure if you would be okay.”

“I’ve had weirder things happened to me, like falling in love with an Archangel. Heck, my whole life has been one weird thing after another, plus…”

Somehow while they were talking Gabriel had turned them around the edge of the bed hitting the back of Sam’s legs, he only remained standing due to the arms stilled wrapped around him. Gabriel cuddled him burying his face into Sam’s neck placing butterflies kisses along the Hunter’s collarbone.

“But what about…the handprint?” Sam got out between breaths, his breathing becoming harder.

Gabriel placed kisses along his jaw line before pulling back looking him in the eyes, “What?”

“Castiel said that if it was another angel that brought me back than I should have a hand print, like Dean got on his shoulder but I couldn’t find one anywhere on me.”

Gabriel smiled that Trickster’s smile, “Castiel’s right there were be a hand print but what he doesn’t know is that an angel can also hide the mark if they choose to.”


The angel sighed in frustration running his hands over Sam’s chest pushing him back to sit on the bed. Climbing onto the Hunter’s lap, “Sam Winchester, you ask too many questions. I’m back, you’re back, we’re back together and that’s a good enough answer for me right now and I think it should be for you too.” Sliding his hands up he pushed Sam’s denim jacket off his shoulders, once it was free from Sam’s arms Gabriel throw it behind him to the ground not caring where it landed.

Sam couldn’t stop the shiver from running through him as Gabriel’s hand moved under his shirt the cold air and wet fabric mixing with the body heat from the Trickster. The angel shook his head, “See I told you, you’re going to catch a cold. We should get you out of these wet clothes.”


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